My name is Val and I am married to Brian and have two sons, Andrew aged 20 and Chris aged 17.

I first became involved in Chase in 1996 when I was persuaded (coerced) into setting up a fundraising group in Wimbledon to support Chase. At the time there was no hospice and no care team just a vision and determination to
make it happen.

Once the money had been raised and a small care team was in place we watched the building start to take shape. When it was ready for opening I felt that I wanted to become more involved. Since then I have been at Christopher's every Tuesday in a 'housekeeping' role - a posh name for cleaner! I am also a therapist at Christopher's and offer massage to parents

I met Fraser and Jules when they came in to use the hydrotherapy pool each week and watched him grow and progress. It is getting to know a family that makes you realise why you carry on fundraising. When I heard they were going to do this crazy challenge I offered to be there to massage their sore muscles.

Good luck all of you.