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Margaret Wright

Married to Dave for forty years next August, Johnís Mom, and grandma to Isobel, Joseph and Amy.  Also Sallyís Mom and grandma to Jack and Georgia.
When I heard that John was going to do a cycle ride for charity, I thought he meant to Tesco and back. As a mother, I think I should be there when he needs a shoulder to cry on (there, there, thereís only 820 miles to go).
Jules and Iain have been very good friends of John and Clare for such a long time and we have always kept in touch with their progress.  When we heard about Fraserís problems we were initially devastated, but Jules and Iain turned this into a positive experience that has been truly inspirational. Iím looking forward to giving any help I can to the ridersí efforts to raise awareness and well-deserved extra funds for CHASE, who have given them tremendous support.