Hi, my name is Gilly & I’m old enough to know better than to volunteer for anything except I have a habit of speaking before I think – a life long trait.

What qualifies me to be a support team member? Well, I’m good at making a mess & a noise. I admit that these attributes won’t endear me to the lads in lycra but, it will mean that they will be ready to cycle off at speed each morning just to get away from me.
I am good at making cakes & using a washing machine so I reckon I qualify

My husband, affectionately known as ‘love-him-as-I-do-but……’ & I have been very involved with CHASE & therefore Christopher’s hospice since 2000. We have three daughters aged 25, 18 &14 who are delighted that I will be out of their hair for a few days at the end of June/beginning of July.

‘Love-him-as-I-do-but….’ has run marathons; half marathons & 10k’s for CHASE but you won’t catch me doing them because I don’t do sweaty, chaffing, Vaseline or lycra (be grateful, be very grateful).

CHASE has been part of our lives for so many years that when Jules & Iain said that this was what they were planning in memory of cutesy Fraser we were happy to support the lads in lycra.

My family & I wish all the lycra lads every success.