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We have a number of fundraising activities to help us achieve our ambitious target. If you feel you can help us out any any way, please feel free to contact us as

The easiest way to donate money is via the JustGiving website (see link to the left & our running total to the right). Using this site means that the money goes directly to the charity, and if you are a UK tax-payer, your donation will be worth even more than the actual amount you donate.


  • 20 will pay for 1 music therapy session
  • 30 will pay for 1 hydro-therapy session
  • 185 will pay for a visit to a families home by a member of the community care team
  • 440 will pay for a one night stay at Christophers for a whole family
  • 1019 will pay to keep a community team member on the road for one week