Dave Wright

Dave photo03Took early retirement from my job as a Project Manager in the construction industry two years ago and now spend my time playing golf and bridge, walking with Marg, going on holidays and DIY around the house and on the house we bought last year in Wales where we now spend a lot of our time.  I also get to the gym and the swimming pool as often as I can. Don’t really know how I found time to go to work!

Past achievements include playing in goal for the now world famous Chasetown FC for 15 years, doing the Three Peaks Challenge for Cystic Fibrosis and getting a BSc at the age of 53 with the OU.

You can see I’m a glutton for punishment which is why I volunteered (me and Marg) to help the RaceforChase (or was it in a moment of drunken stupor over Xmas?).  Other plausible reasons include supporting our son John in what would appear to be an act of total stupidity but should at least help him to shed a few excess pounds brought on by his opulent southern lifestyle (It’s a tough life up here in the north!).  Oh, and we’ve never been to John O’Groats.

But the main reason for wanting to help is our total admiration for the dedication that Jules and Iain gave to making Fraser’s life so special and the part that CHASE has played in making that possible. Marg and I first met Jules and Iain whilst dancing (almost certainly in a moment of drunken stupor) to ‘Greased Lightnin’ on the terrace at John and Clare’s wedding. Their love for life was evident then and has certainly given them the strength to deal with anything life can throw at them.  When they visited us with John and Clare en route to holiday in Scotland we were given the celebrated title of MargenDaas after the famous Black Country ice cream.

Marg and I are really looking forward to giving as much support as we can to the eight riders in their efforts to conquer this momentous challenge.  We hope that their efforts will raise a huge amount of money and enable CHASE to continue to provide the sensitive, loving care and support that can make such big difference not only to children like Fraser but also to parents like Jules and Iain.