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In 2003 I undertook Lands End to John O’Groats in 5 days never having done anything like it before. I was a bit mad to do so but it was one of the most exciting and rewarding albeit toughest thing I’ve ever done.

This year I’m out of the habit of training and need to lose some kilos and get fit again, but I’m really looking forward to doing so as cycling makes me smile. Raising money for CHASE will be a challenge worthwhile in itself but raising it for CHASE knowing their work and how they have so brilliantly supported Fraser, Jules & Iain makes it even more worthwhile.

Please support me in riding the Race for Chase – you never know, if someone comes in with a ludicrous offer I might just ride all the way back down the country too !

After months of training and times when I thought I'd never be fit enough again it seems the miles are still in the legs and the heart can still cope with long hill climbs.  All the riders this year are doing extremely well especially the ones who only got racing bikes last Christmas - to have trained and reached a standard to undertake such a magnificent challenge is quite unbelievable and I am so proud of everyone in the team.

 29th June looms and the anticipation and excitement is growing fast.  Leading this group through a route covering the length of Great Britain will be a challenge. Our shortest day is longer than the longest day of the Tour de France - those guys may be going a lot faster but they're professionals with no other committments - this group is amateurs with families and day jobs and that makes the challenge even more amazing.

None of us has done this training alone; without the support (tolerance) of close family members and friends we wouldn't be able to do it, so the donations you send are for a big team effort in creating and carrying out a great amateur challenge.

Thank you to everyone for your support - keep the donations rolling in !